Aftersales services

To make sure that the installed systems work and facilitate the needs of the users, we provide fast remote and onsight support and maintenance.

Service level agreements

All necessary service levels can be selected in service level agreement (SLA). SLA can guarantee service quality, because the contract is constantly monitored and changes are offered to the client when needed.


Our HelpDesk staff is ready to solve many issues remotely, thus saving time and resources. We offer enduser support and 24/7 monitoring system that sends information to our helpdesk so every problem can be first overlooked remotely. Our clients also can have a customer portal to update information and also create maintenance history so before coming on-site our employees already have all the information needed about the equipment.

Call out and on-site repair

When things can't be solved remotely, we also offer on-site repair work and on-site incident solution.You can also get all your spareparts from Hansab and when needed, we offer local replacement of the equipment or sparepart stock.


Hansab provides regular testing and cleaning service for equipment. During our regular visits we also advice you how to take better care for the devices to guarantee better work quality.

Quality standards

High quality standards are important; Hansab holds ISO 9001 and ISO 20 000 quality standards. In 2016, Hansab also acquired ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Quality of organizational activities is constantly updated in the companies.

Service level agreement Monitoring and helpdesk On-site repair High quality standards. ISO9000 and ISO20000