Apear - Room Booking Solution

Apear is an effective system for automation of meeting room management. 

Schedule the meetings like you always have ā€“ in the company calendar, the system will show the real-time schedule of your meeting rooms, so everyone knows if they are available or not. You can book your meetings on the go by registering them on the screen. Apear will immediately reserve the room for you and show the meeting in the calendar and on its display, so you can start a meeting without any interruptions. On the larger display, it gives a general overview and shows the graphical floorplan, status of meeting rooms and has an option to book meeting rooms on the display.

System benefits:

  • Apear shows a clear indication of meeting room status and availability
  • The system enables a booking and changing of meetings on the go on the tablet screen
  • Gives an overview meeting timeline
  • Shows the information about the amenities and functionalities the room has to offer
  • The billboard does all of that but in addition, gives you an overview of all the meeting rooms on a single page or divided by floors
  • The screens have LED light strips on the edges that are switched according to the meeting room status (green/red), so you can see from the distance if the room has been taken or not
  • Apear minimises waste by offering an option to have a step-by-step booking to find the most suitable room for the meeting
  • The system helps to prevent under-usage of meeting room resources, also minimises the chance that two employees book a meeting room with 30-seats.

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