Bollards at Estonian Government Office

The Stenbock House was built in 1792, as a residential house. It has been Estonian Government Office since the year 2000.

In order to allow only authorized vehicles to access Stenbock House territory, security bollards were installed on Rahukohtu street in Tallinn old town. Hansab installed 3 high-security automatic bollards that can be lowered and re-raised if necessary. Usually, the bollards are installed deep into the ground, but due to the underground utilities at the Rahukohtu Street, there couldn’t be a very deep foundation. As a solution, Hansab offered telescopic bollards with unique double action retractable design. These bollards only require 900 mm foundation, significantly less than similarly rated high-security retractable bollards.

The bollards are designed to work 24/7 with high workload performance and are suitable for use also in extreme weather conditions.