Bollards at Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle complex consists of four parts and it also houses Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) building and Session Hall, where all the laws and the most important decisions of the Republic of Estonia are adopted.

In order to restrict the movement of vehicles on the surroundings of the castle, and only allow authorized vehicles to access castle’s premises, the castle area was surrounded by bollards. Hansab installed 49 fixed bollards, which have been given a similar look with the previous plain posts that were there, and the bollards are connected to each other with the chains. Additionally, there are 6 automatic bollards at the entrance, which can be lowered and re-raised if necessary. The bollards are certified with high-security class and are designed to work 24/7 with high workload performance and they are suitable for use in extreme weather conditions, tolerating as low as 55 minus degrees.

Hansab's partner, ATG Access, is the world's leading producer of bollards with 25 years of experience. From their long list of products, both certified and high-security bollards can be found, as well as simpler consumer-friendly home appliances.