The basic material of cards is PVC and dimensions according to the standard ISO-7810 are 53.98 x 85.72mm.
It is possible to print photos, bar codes, numbers and texts on cards and to encode magnetic stripes.

For manufacturing smaller amounts, we apply thermo printing which ensures a swift and flexible manufacturing process. Options include monochrome printing (blue, red, green, black, yellow, gold, silver) and four-colour printing - e.g. for printing of images, logos and photos on the cards. In case of larger amounts (from 100), we apply offset printing which ensures higher resistance to external conditions and better printing quality.

Applications of the cards:

  • client cards
  • company identity cards
  • key cards
  • membership cards
  • bank cards
  • ID cards
  • club cards
  • queue cards
  • rally passes
  • licences etc.

Printing methods:

  • Thermo printing - thermo printing allows to print text, bar codes and numbers on cards (e.g. name and position of a person, validity time of the card etc.) and, using four-colour print, also photos.
  • Embossing - “raised relief print” - allows printing text and numbers on cards. Embossed print can be colored in gold, silver, black or white.
  • Infill printing - “engraved print” - also allows printing of text and numbers on cards. Infill can be performed in either black or white.

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