Celebrating 25th Hansab Anniversary

At the beginning of the 1990s when changes started to take place in the Baltics, I, just like many others during that time, wanted to make something happen on my own and use the knowledge and experience I had gathered.

Destiny had me meet an expatriate Estonian living in Sweden – Hans Tombach – who really wanted to strengthen his ties with Estonia, so on the 14th February 1991, a new company Hansab AS was registered at the Tallinn City Government.

In the first years, we were engaged in various collaborative projects of Estonia and Sweden and helped launch several joint undertakings. It was clear from the very beginning that we need to specialise. By analysing potential spheres of activity, we came to the conclusion that the financial sector has substantial potential in our quickly developing economic conditions. In addition, Hans had great knowledge in this field as he had designed the plans for several bank offices in Sweden.

We started out by providing technological and security solutions to banks in cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the field from Sweden and later, from other countries as well. As Estonia is a small country, we decided to focus on the entire Baltic region right away and have been operating in Latvia for already 22 and in Lithuania for 21 years.

From the very beginning, Hans and I had a dream to take Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania technology-wise to the level of the Nordic countries in our field of business. Thanks to our loyal and risk taking customers and excellent colleagues, we have fulfilled this dream.

Today, in addition to the financial sector, Hansab is actively engaged with customers from the retail, transport, public and other sectors. From the original focus on selling products, we have moved forward to providing complex business solutions and paying close attention to services. This has been possible largely due to us focusing on innovation right from the start.

The current developments in technology, mainly in various digital and automated solutions, offer us exciting challenges. With the growth of our company, our goals have also expanded and now we wish that our cutting edge solutions would be known across the world.

Sincerely Yours, 

Aigar Urva, PhD

Founder and CEO of Hansab