Contactless COVID pass verification

As EU Digital COVID Certificates came into effect – so did the need to verify them.


We have developed a contactless, automated solution that allows you to check the validity of the EU digital COVID certificate. The solution can be integrated with your access gate to allow the automated passage of people.



About the solution

✔️ The solution works offline and does not require a network connection.

✔️ No personal data is stored on the devices.

✔️ It uses and updates certificate Keys applicable to 30 countries in Europe.


The solution can validate 3 types of EU Digital COVID Certificates. 

That a person has either:

1. Been vaccinated against COVID-19 (data from the last immunization notification)
2. Recovered from COVID-19 (data from the first positive test result (PCR) performed at least 11 days ago)
3. Received a negative test result (data from a negative test result up to 14 days ago)


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About the COVID pass verification device 

Martin Melnikov


About software and integration with other systems

Ando Noormets