Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Hansab Group carried out the annual customer satisfaction survey. The satisfaction index for all companies has stayed stable (4.1), similar to last year. “The valuable data gathered is now being analysed by our departments, to determine our direction for improvement and development. Satisfaction measurement is highly important for us, as we use the data to build our strategy and tactics for the coming years,” – explains Hansab Group CMO Sigita Babarskaite. 

Almost 2000 business customers were invited to share insights, reflections and suggestions about our provided solutions, services, and employees. Key highlights:

  • well informed, and ready to innovate together with us.
  • Our customers provide critical insights for areas that need improvement and further development. For example, ecommerce and digitalised services (Customer Portal, e-document) are well noticed.
  • They want to be on top of their game by having first-hand trends in the market, specific for their operation field. In addition, new products and solutions are of interest.
  • Since 2016, we have placed a lot of effort on our innovation strategy. We are glad that it has not been unnoticed – our customers appreciate and even encourage us to further develop in this direction.

NPS Score

For the second year in a row, we measure Net Promoter Score (NPS), to measure recommendation and intention for further cooperation index. As a benchmark, in B2B technology sector, 20-25 is a standard index. For us, Hansab Estonia ranks 44, Latvia 30 and Lithuania as high as 64.

Thank you all for participating and taking your time to answer the questions.