Hansab supported the Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021

Imagine this, you're at an airport that has been hit with a cyber-attack. You want to get to your flight, but the system is down. What do you do?

These are the type of scenarios that were tackled at the final competition of the Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021, where 15-21-year-olds compete to find out whether they have what it takes to protect their homes, hometowns and country from cyber attacks.

The participants solve up to 20 tasks of different levels of difficulty prepared by prominent cyber security experts in the country. Topics include smart home, smart city, and smart airspace.

Task: "Boarding"

For one of the tasks, we got a chance to install electronic access gates to help the battle participants work on the following scenario:

“The airport has been hit by a cyber attack. You want to check in for your flight, but all the airport systems still haven’t recovered from the attack. The airline is unable to generate you a valid boarding pass. Security is tight and they don’t allow you to the security area if you don’t pass the gates. You get a brilliant idea. You still have an old ticket from your previous flight in your bag. Maybe you can change some fields in the barcode and gain access using this method?”

Addressing Vulnerabilities 

Hansab has been working with security solutions for 30 years and we see how physical devices are becoming smarter by the day. Many different solutions are network-driven, which was not the case before. It is a growing trend. 

Network connection makes it possible to add even more value to technological solutions. However, the potential vulnerabilities cannot be ignored. And that’s why we are paying extra attention to cyber security daily.

Photo credit: screenshots from the Telia Inspira channel broadcast.