Do you know how many people visit your store per day?

Installing a visitor counting system is one of the easiest ways to get an overview of your store visitors. By analysing the data collected, you know the number of visitors, visitability peak times, conversion rates, and more.

Counting the customers is not what counts, but what you will do with the information gathered - on the basis of gathered information, it is possible to make management decisions that create the benefits of the system. For example, if in a multi-entrance shop customers prefer one particular entrance, special offers and promotional products can be placed at this entrance. If you know when the shop has the most visitors, you can plan your employees' working hours more rationally, arranging more cashiers to checkouts, and if there are fewer visitors, cashiers could assist customers in the salesroom.

What kind of visitor counting system to choose?

There are a wide variety of visitor counting systems available, cost-effective and more expensive systems, less and more precise systems.

EAS gates with visitor counting function - If you plan to install electronic security gates to the store, it is worthwhile to choose a set that also includes a visitor counting function, because in this case there’s no need to buy separate visitor counting system. One of the producers of such gates is Dutch company Cross Point. Cross Point EAS gates have integrated visitor counting sensors which, linked together with the CrossConnect solution enable reports on the frequency of customer visits. The data is forwarded remotely to the Cross Point Analytics cloud service which also allows the data to be analyzed.

Infrared beam counters – company SensMax produces visitor counting systems based on infrared beam technology, that are easy to install and convenient to use. Sensors are wireless and autonomous, sensors work with the replaceable battery. Thanks to the built-in memory, the sensors are capable of storing data for 25-day hours.

Visitor counting with IP-cameras - visitor counting with IP-cameras is very efficient, the camera has a precision of 95%, even in large shopping malls with the flow of thousands of customers per day. Incoming and outgoing customers are counted separately and it's possible for the camera to instantly compute the number of customers currently in the store and their average stay time. One of the solutions for IP-camera based visitor counting is Axis TrueView People Counter. A cloud-based analysis program allows you to compile automatic visit reports and collect data over several years. Later data can be compared over the years/months/days.

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