DoCash 4Scan

DoCash 4Scan detects up to 8 different currencies.


Automatic control of currency authenticity
Serial number scanning and printing


Complex inspection of banknotes security features: magnetic security, paper density, infrared picture, size of notes, spectrum ink, secure thread
Image printing process.1,05Wide choice of currencies available: Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan, etc.
Wide application: up to 8 currencies in one detector
Free positioning of the banknote: any direction and any side of note can be read
User-friendly interface, sensor keypad and control panel
Informative LCD (4 lines) displays: number and value of processed banknotes, individual value per each banknote denomination and currency, grand total of accepted notes, other regimes available.
Serial number of banknote scanning (USD)
Visual and audio signals for counterfeit banknotes and error messages (suitable for people with disabilities)
Rechargeable battery for portable usage - more than 24 hours standby time
Free on-line software update (cable included)


Speed Less than 0.5 second / note
Power supply 100~240V AC/12V DC adaptor
Battery capacity 10.8V 1200mAh
Power consumption 10.8V 1200mAh
Dimension, mm 220x140x90
Net weight, kg 1,05

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