Electronic shelf labels conquer the Lithuanian trade market

Changing prices of products on the shelves is one of the most manual work processes in the store. Not only is it a time-consuming process, but it is also susceptible to mistakes. What to talk about when there are various short-term sales. This situation further complicates the process of changing prices.

In the new-generation online store, offering home appliances and electronics Novastar, we have installed the SES-Imagotag manufacturer's electronic shelf labels system in 2018. It is the world's leading producer of electronic shelf labels. We installed all the necessary software at the Novastar store in Vilnius and integrated it with the existing customer database. In the store, we have installed 600 units of electronic shelf labels with special holders which are suitable for the customer's shelves. With the installation of an electronic shelf labels system, the necessary infrastructure for the customer's shop, which ensures the continuous operation of the system, has been created. “We have a well-managed system which ensures that online and in the physical store prices match. Consultant of the store have less concern and can concentrate on customer service. Customers can always see the prices they can buy online when they visit our store. This helps to create consistency between the different channels”, - said Paulius Lingys, director of Novastar, who shared the benefits of the system.

One of the reasons why a customer has a need for a system of electronic shelf labels is saving employees time. “We are working in a highly dynamic area where the competitive environment sometimes forces prices to change several times per day. There is no possibility of physically changing prices at this frequency. Trying to do this would cause errors we demanded that customers in our physical store always see the real prices that the goods are currently selling online”, says Mr. P. Lingys. The system helps not only to save employees time that can be allocated to customers but also eliminates the possibility of errors. As Novastar is a new generation online store, the system of electronic shelf labels gives the shop a shade of modernity and exclusivity.

In the future, it is planned to open more stores in Lithuania by installing Hansab's electronic shelf labels system. We are happy to contribute not only to the client's modern image but also to employee efficiency, time-saving and customer satisfaction.