Enabling Card Payment for Small Merchants

Hansab, together with Swedbank, implemented a unique solution in the Baltics – the Smart Terminal, also known as mPOS. The new solution allows small merchants to accept card payment everywhere with cost efficient smart terminal. 

You can purchase your own smart terminal from the renewed Hansab e-shop with free Omniva parcel kiosk delivery.
People are using more and more card payments and they are expecting to have that opportunity everywhere. Smart Terminal (mPOS) is a device that allows small retailers offer card payments for their customers. Only card acquiring agreement with Swedbank needs to be signed and then you can get your very own terminal, without monthly fee.

The Smart Terminal connects with mobile phone or a tablet and all you need is cellular internet connection. That makes the terminal very mobile and it is perfect for using in a taxi, on a fair or in door-to-door sales. The solution is suitable for small companies which don’t have a large amount of card payments every day.
Ellore, Hansab Group software development company, developed a tailor-made iOS and Android applications for Swedbank. The applications are built according to Swedbank’s needs and requirements and are integrated to Swedbank’s mobile app. “We were chosen for this project because of our proven competency in card payment solutions, experience in integrations and developing mobile applications. In addition, we are a long-term partner with Swedbank, “commented Alar Alumaa, the CEO of Ellore.

Main advantages of the solution:

  • Mobility – you can use your Smart Terminal everywhere
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Small device is more convenient to use on the go
  • Cheaper than the regular POS terminal
  • Checks can be sent via e-mail/SMS
  • Accepts conventional and contactless payment cards

You can get your own Smart Terminal from Hansab e-shop or from your nearest Swedbank branch.

Get Smart Terminal in Estonia: http://www.hansab.ee/et/nutiterminal
Get Smart Terminal in Latvia: http://www.hansab.lv/lv/swedbank-karsu-lasitajs-viedtalruniem-0
Get Smart Terminal in Lithuania: http://www.hansab.lt/lt/ismanusis-korteliu-skaitytuvas