Entringo - Smart Ticketless Parking System

Entringo is a ticketless parking and access control solution designed for traditional paid parking, private parking and general access control.

The system offers access and payment management capabilities, as well as reporting, statistics and other features aimed at easing your parking management needs.

Entringo combines the following key components:

  • Pay station. Allows on-site payment for short and long-term parking.
  • Lane terminal. Shows guidance and information to the driver.
  • Access gate hardware. Fast and efficient barrier gate with brushless BLDS motor.
  • Central software. The software is designed to combine all the necessary elements into one complete system.

Why Entringo?

  • Automated number plate recognition. A fast and hassle-free user experience.
  • Ticketless parking management - no more lost or damaged tickets.
  • Lower operational costs through automation.
  • Scalable from small parking lots to multi-parking, centralised cloud-based systems.
  • Safety and security - complete control of vehicles entering and exiting the area.
  • Sleek and modern parking station design.
  • Easy to use and reliable car park management software.

Read more information about Entringo solution here.

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