Environmental Responsibility Policy

Climate change and environmental sustainability present challenges and opportunities for Hansab and our stakeholders. To address these, we are committed to incorporating leading environmental practices into our business strategy and operations and fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among our people, clients, suppliers, and other interested parties within the context of our business. 

We have outlined the following priorities: 

Our People 

Raise our employees’ awareness about our impact on the environment.​  

That includes providing environmental learning opportunities, developing programs to increase employee enthusiasm and offer our employees a chance to collaborate on our journey to improve environmental performance.  

Environmental Management Standard  

Maintain ISO 14001 environmental security standard to help us shape our activities according to the international framework.  

In alignment with our Environmental Management System, we are committed to continual improvement of environmental performance considering the entire lifecycle.  

Natural Resources 

Seek to minimize our consumption of natural resources through procurement opportunities and operational conservation. 

Aiming to reuse and recycle where opportunities exist, which includes utilizing old technologies, repurposing existing spare parts for other solutions, as well as using rent models to help extend the product lifecycle.  

Clients and Suppliers 

Engage with our clients to consider the environmental impact of how we deliver our work and support them in reaching their sustainability commitments. 

Consider environmental factors when procuring goods and services. 

Assess the environmental performance of our key suppliers, expecting improvement in their environmental performance as well as our own. 

Strive to advance environmental sustainability by serving as a collaborator and thought leader. 

Compliance Obligations 

Comply with all applicable environmental compliance obligations in the management of our operations. 

Photo Credit: Karl Ander Adami (https://toolbox.estonia.ee/assets/446337)