ESL – an effective communication channel for retail

In 2018 spring brand new and modern Samsung store in Akropolis, in Vilnius, opened its doors. Although it is already the sixth store in Lithuania, Samsung has adopted a non-traditional solution for price labels: instead of the usual paper-based to use electronic shelf labels (ESL). They are also installed in other Samsung stores in the Baltic States.

With this solution, Samsung aims to provide users with an effective communication channel about its solutions, products, and information in a clear, comprehensive and attractive way.
“In Samsung stores, we strive to showcase our innovations and its experience to consumers, so these innovative solutions like ESL are a great addition to our store concept,” says Joana Kėrytė, Retail Marketing Manager for Samsung Electronics Baltics. 
The selected ESL have 7.4-inch diagonal screens where the customers can find all the information about Samsung’s smart device or accessory. The special Studio application is designed to create an ESL template which allows to maintain a unique and unified, customer-friendly style in all stores.
Electronic shelf labels from SES-imagotag also add value to store process management. “Every store can manage pricing and content in the salon remotely - it optimises work, eliminates the probability of errors while saving costs. Staff no longer need to change paper labels, and salon consultants can spend more time working directly with customers. In addition, this solution is friendly to nature”, says J. Kėrytė.
ESL’s are not only useful for employees: customers are provided with accurate product information and price, which prevents bad customer experience at the time of payment.
In addition to ESL, we installed a video surveillance solution. Also installed customer flow calculators which allow to calculate and see customers’ flows across different sections and graphs. Built-in background sound enhances the convenience of both customers and employees. 
All installed solutions in Samsung stores are from the leading manufacturers in the world, ensuring high reliability, quality, and optimal price ratio. Equipped and maintained by Hansab, these solutions offer modernity to the shop. We are glad for the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to modern Samsung stores.