Hansab Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hansab Group carried out the annual customer satisfaction survey for Hansab UAB, Hansab SIA, Hansab AS, Ellore and Moya. We received a substantial sample size of 468 recipients.

Each of the departments were assessed, along with products and solutions. The overall index has stayed stable - 4,1 (last year 4,3). The reasons for the slight drop are twofold: a) data collection method has changed, b) customer demands and expectations are growing in linear fashion each year. 

In short, our customers:

  • trust Hansab solutions and are well aware of what products they like;
  • want to receive even faster services;
  • want to work hand in hand to develop even better existing solutions;
  • want to receive information about new products and services, also more information about work status and information export.

Our customers think Hansab has:

  • customer friendly and flexible approach;
  • seamless services – like in a Michelin star restaurant;
  • strong knowhow and long term cooperation.