Hansab in EXEX 2018

Payment Solutions Forum EXEX takes place on May 15-17th in all Baltic countries. Hansab has been invited to be a partner for EXEX in collaboration with Swedbank, Ingenico, and Mastercard. Together, we bring a holistic view of the future of payment in the Baltics. Unique in the Baltics, the event brings to level CEOs in retail, transport, and industry. The practical event format ensures that the participants leave with a better sense of where the payment is going, also new trends in payment technologies as well as best practices from the local markets. 

During the forum, participants will have a chance to hear an answer to:


•    What are trends in retail and services industry for 2018-2019?

•    What are new technologies, which will be implemented in the area of payment?

•    What are regulations for payment?

•    Retail trends – virtual and omnichannel commerce

•    How to attract and keep customers?