Hansab Group Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

As part of the continuous effort to offer better solutions, we have conducted customer satisfaction survey in order to identify our companies’ reputation and trustworthiness amongst our clients. The record number of 360 customers responded and have evaluated our work by 4,3 points – stable since last year.

Hansab Group created a 16 question internet based survey, dispatched to all Hansab customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The objectives of the survey were three-fold. First, we sought to ascertain the importance customers attach to various attributes of our services. Second, we intended to find out customers’ perception of our performance satisfaction on those attributes. Third, we wanted to determine where the scope and priorities for improvement lie. 

The biggest difference in this year’s results were in services satisfaction. All countries have shown an improvement, especially Latvia. Our customers have ranked highly to adhering to the after-sales schedule and speed availability. Satisfaction indexes by categories:

  • Service satisfaction index was 4,4;
  • Sales satisfaction index: 4,38;
  • Product quality: 4,3;
  • Project department satisfaction index stayed the same as last year: 4,22.

Hansab is continuously rated as a trustworthy business partner with good image. In addition, our customers have provided us with valuable information regarding the aspects that need more attention in order for Hansab to improve further.

In addition to the main survey, we have also conducted customer satisfaction surveys to Hansab subsidiaries Ellore and Moya. Following the same principles of assessment, customers evaluated Ellore’s solutions by 4,11 and Moya’s 4,22 points. Although both scores are marginally lower than last year’s, we have gathered a lot of valuable information to better our services and become even more credible partner to our customers.