Ingenico TETRA - new generation touch screen payment terminals

Hansab has brought the new generation of payment terminals to the Baltic market ā€“ TETRA by Ingenico. In addition to the secure card payment function, new terminals offer better customer experience and more marketing opportunities for the retailer.
Ingenico TETRA payment terminals are innovative both in terms of content and external features. Depending on the model, the terminals have a large touch screen color display, where the merchant can display ads and videos, conduct customer satisfaction feedback and make additional sales. Terminals support the use of various business applications, for example, you can create a ticketing system where the customer selects the desired ticket on the screen and immediately makes a payment. Depending on the model, the barcode can be read by the terminal and electronic signature from the customer.
Terminals meet the strict security requirements of EMV and PCI-PTS 4.x / 5.x. Tetra terminals read magnetic and smart cards, plus support for NFC-free payments.
The TETRA series includes both stationary terminals (DESKs) and mobile terminals (MOVE).