Our project team takes care of ever step of the project - planning, installation, user trainings and manuals and final set of documentation.

Project management

The project department works with one goal in mind - to make sure the project is executed according to the sales terms and to assure that it is done in the correct time frame. The project manager does a project plan to ensure everything can be done like the sales department and the customer had agreed upon.


When project manager has planned all the work and costs, installing begins. Our projects are very versatile - we are doing projects that can be installed with couple of hours but also that take up to years. Also we have a wide range of quality products - we can use all the brands Hansab sells. Manufacturers provide training for all our installers.

Software development and integration

After the system is installed, the exact project drawings are handed over to the customer. In addition we sign a document, where is written what was done, we agree that project is finalised. This brings clarity to both the customer and to Hansab. With proper documentation there is no confusion in maintaining the devices for the customer. 

User training

All users are trained by experienced Hansab project managers, depending on how much training the customer needs. Trainings can be for one or even for twenty people and it can be held in different languages according to the customers needs. Additionally we provide customers with user manuals.

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