Interactive Outdoor Kiosks in Latvia

Hansab installed an outdoor 75-inch kiosk in Valmiera city center for easy, fast, interactive and modern information transfer to residents and tourists 24/7.

Hansab, in cooperation with Infinitus, an expert in outdoor digital solutions, offered the most appropriate kiosk to the customer's requirements. Considering that, the kiosk is intended for installation in a city environment, the most important kiosk function is to be resistant to different weather conditions. The kiosk is equipped with technology that provides information visibility even in direct sunlight. It is also resistant to rain, wind, vandalism and other factors of the external environment.

One of the key advantages of a kiosk is that it requires a minimum after-sales activity, because the kiosk's technical state is managed remotely by a specially developed Cloud-Based software. The software allows you to determine the kiosk's technical condition, change the screen setting, troubleshoot on-site problems, and even restart the kiosk.

Content on the screen is managed by Cloud-Based software Signagelive, allowing you to change content whenever you need it.

"Another important benefit is the attractive urban environment, gradually replacing mobile advertising billboards where printed ads are located. It is also a wider provision of information to the public, since, as the advertisement is in digital format, it can be used by various institutions and organizations to publish their news," says Laura Moča, Deputy Governor of the Public Relations Department of Valmiera Municipality.