Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk in Panorama Shopping Centre in Vilnius

Panorama is one of the largest shopping and leisure centres in Vilnius with over 200 stores, services, restaurants, and cafes. We have installed 6 information terminals with 46-inch touch-screens to provide visitors with a more comfortable orientation at Panorama Centre.

All information terminals are tailor-made - the creation of individual design cases with touchscreen displays, pocket booklets produced, and the terminal tracking system associated with the client’s website. This means that when the client updates the information on the website, everything is transmitted to the information terminals. All functionalities of the application have been made according to the client's brand guide.

These information kiosks are not only a tool for modern information dissemination for visitors but also a poster/static information substitute. Here you can find information about events, sales or public transport arrival times to the nearest bus stop. These aesthetic design terminals provide the centre with modernity and convenience for the visitors at the shopping mall. "We are glad to contribute to the modernisation of the Panorama shopping and leisure centre and to provide our visitors with information in an acceptable and attractive way" – said Agnė Šimelevičė, Sales and Project Manager at Hansab.

"Aiming to be more modern and innovative, we decided to change our old paper maps to interactive stands. Another important reason was that the customers could find the stores, restaurants or services faster and more conveniently. At the same time, customers can easily get information about current events in Panorama, as well as news, sales, etc. The information is important for us because this way we can observe what customers are interested in and what is relevant for them" – Toma Lukošienė, Marketing Director of PLC Panorama, shared her thoughts about benefits of information terminals.