Introducing Acrelec Solutions - Retail Technology to Transform How We Shop, Eat and Live

Hansab is delighted to announce that it has widened its retail solutions portfolio to include Acrelec kiosks and self-checkouts.

The trend for self-service continues to grow, extending into multiple retail, F&B, hospitality, transport, and entertainment settings. More than ever, customers want to be in control of their in-store experiences. Self-service gives consumers that control and convenience. For the Retailer, self-service is a way that they can streamline and improve the in-store customer journey, by reducing queues at the point-of-sale, increasing customer through-put, releasing staff from till points to focus on core tasks, and integrating their online/physical store journeys into a consistent seamless experience.

Markko Purge, Head of Sales, Hansab Group:

“We believe that the Acrelec solutions are innovative and customer-centric, delivering added value for our Retail customers in The Baltics. The Acrelec range has options for different shopping needs and environments – from clothing stores, to cafes, petrol stations to cinemas, DIY stores or supermarket environments. This range aligns and complements our existing Glory CASHINFINITY™ retail solutions, delivering additional technology options for our customers. Their successful implementation in other countries has convinced us that their availability in the region will be well received by Retailers.

These solutions enable Retailers to provide choice and convenience for consumers. Acrelec’s expertise and focus on software, through its ATP platform, is particularly impressive. Aligning physical and digital channels into a seamless experience can be a significant pain point for Retailers. ATP provides businesses with the architecture to manage and deliver a consistent brand experience, regardless of how and where customers choose to shop. This is the future and businesses are looking for solutions to support this strategy to ensure the continued success of their brand."

A Selection of Acrelec self-service Options:

K27 - Self-service Kiosk

If you’re interested in increasing check size and improving the customer experience look no further than the K27 Self-service kiosk. Available as an indoor or outdoor solution, it’s designed to deliver if you’re short on space or you want maximum self-service capacity.

K22 - Compact Self-service Kiosk

Available in wall mounted, free-standing or counter-top configurations the K22 is suitable for any retail space design. Cash, card, and mobile payment options mean all your customers will benefit however they choose to pay.

S15 - Self-Checkout Solution 

Ideal for large baskets. The S-15 has customizable options to align with your needs, that include a handheld scanner, scales, and cash management.

ATP – Software to Manage and Drive your Retail business
ATP is a cloud-based multi-application platform that provides you with all the tools and technology needed to create and manage a digital enterprise, including hardware, software, content, and services.

You can find more information on our website or contact us, and we can discuss Acrelec Solutions in more detail with you.

Markko Purge
Head of Sales,
Member of the board