Introducing Coin Handling Technology to Belarussian Banks

From the 1st July of this year in the Republic of Belarus the denomination of currency will be performed and coins will start circulating after the break of 25 years. Therefore, it has become a very relevant experience to the banks of Belarus that Hansab can share experience as the leading company of banking technology.

18 representatives from the banking sector of Belarus participated in the seminar organized by Hansab Lithuania. In the neighbouring country cash still makes more than 70% of all payments, therefore processing of cash is still an essential challenge for the banking sector.  

A permanent partner of Hansab, the head of Procoin GmbH (Germany) Marcus Nau, shared experience and pieces of advice of more than hundred years – how to organize the process of the flow of coins, manage them and account in the most optimal way. The representatives of the banks of Belarus mentioned that the process of introducing coins and the exchange of money is very vague and too little time is given for this. Everybody admitted that Hansab’s experience of 25 years in the banking sector is valuable and will necessarily be used in the banking system of Belarus. Donatas Jankauskas, financial solutions group manager of Hansab, who has been engaged in banking equipment for more than 8 years, shared the experience of introducing euro. 

The practical demonstration of banking processes and equipment in Hansab’s showroom was especially successful, as well as later visit to the departments of the banks in Akropolis shopping centre.  

The possibilities of practical applying were of great interest to the banks – progressive system of the withdrawal of coins in Swedbank, the format of processing SEB bank clients with cash and an automatic device for money exchange in DNB bank.