Kristo Timberg Joins as the New CEO for Hansab Estonia 

On the 12 February 2024, Kristo Timberg (on the right) joined as the new CEO of Hansab Estonia. Kristo is taking over Janno Kallikorm’s position, while Janno is shifting to being the CEO and Chairman of the Board in Hansab Group.  

Janno Kallikorm explains: “Hansab Estonia, as the largest organization within the Group, requires a strong and competent management to ensure its success. In this regard, I am confident in Kristo's ability to not only maintain our current initiatives but also take the company to new heights.” 

Kristo brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership, innovation, and strategic growth. With his diverse backround in leadership roles, Kristo is ready to lead Hansab Estonia into a new era of success and innovation. 

A Journey of Leadership Excellence 

Starting from a young age, Kristo has always been deeply involved in leadership and management, developing a keen interest in these areas already during his high school years. This passion led him to pursue a Business Management degree in Glasgow University. Kristo is continuing the pursuit for knowledge and currently completing MSc in Digital Transformation in Taltech, Tallinn University of Technology.  

His career further expanded at KPMG, where he spent three years as a business advisor, gaining extensive experience in various business sectors and fields, focusing mainly on processes and internal audits. A desire to directly impact and contribute more tangibly led him to join Chemi-Pharm, a company producing medical grade disinfectants and cleaning products, where he served as COO for nine years, significantly contributing to the company's growth and success. 

In addition to his professional undertakings, Kristo has been actively involved in voluntary service with the Estonian Defense League, underscoring a commitment to community and leadership development outside the corporate sphere. An avid sailor, Kristo also enjoys sailing in his free time, a hobby that reflects his passion for exploration, strategy, and the outdoors. This interest in sailing not only offers him a way to unwind but also enriches his leadership style with lessons learned from navigating the complexities of the sea. 

Vision for Hansab 

Our new CEO's vision for Hansab is clear and ambitious. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, he aims to leverage his extensive experience in technology and digital transformation to drive Hansab forward in this rapidly evolving digital era. His leadership style, characterized by adaptability, trust, and a focus on building strong relationships, aligns perfectly with Hansab's values and culture. 

One of the key motivations for joining Hansab was the opportunity to challenge himself further and contribute to an organization with a strong ambition for growth and innovation in an organization that holds a central role in the era of technological change we are in. He is particularly drawn to Hansab's technology-driven approach and its potential to adapt and thrive in the face of industry changes and technological advancements. 

Looking Forward 

As Hansab welcomes Kristo Timberg, we are excited about the direction and momentum their leadership will bring. His unique blend of experience, vision, and commitment to innovation positions Hansab to capitalize on new opportunities and navigate the challenges of the future with confidence. 


About Hansab 

Hansab is the leading provider of automation solutions and services in the Baltics. Its service offering includes security, parcel handling and logistics, ATMs, cash in transit services, production of national identity documents, point of sales and cash handling, queue management, parking and automation.  The company also offers Entringo, a vehicle access and guidance system. 

The core of Hansab’s service offering is developing sustainable business solutions and helping companies to reinvent businesses and create a meaningful impact on companies, people and the planet.  In 2023 the company’s revenue reached €45 million, more than half of it generated from services. Hansab has a team of over 330 professionals working in 7 companies in 18 branches across the Baltics and Finland.   

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