The Largest Interactive Video Wall in the Baltics Strenghtens Customer Loyalty in Ozas Shopping Center

The Ozas shopping center in Vilnius has a new point of attraction. Kids and their parents line up to play with the largest interactive video entertainment wall of the Baltic states. The mall’s tenants use it to natively advertise their promotions on this eye-catching billboard. The results are measured and optimized by the shopping center’s marketing department.

The video wall is placed by Hansab’s digital signage experts and enriched by DOOHapps’ AppStore with interactive games. Everybody plays and at the same time the tenants’ messages and promotions are advertised. The mall’s marketing team can personalise these games with the shopping center’s branding, content and actions. They use it to bring their existing online campaigns in-store and measure the interactive marketing results.

Having installed many video walls in shopping centers, Hansab’s digital signage expert Dovydas Stukas is convinced that those will transform into interactive large displays: “The effect is striking: compared to regular video walls, the number of people around this large game screen is incomparable. Still our customer can easily upload and personalise the content, just like a regular digital signage content management system does. Interactivity is the way to go” says Stukas.

DOOHapps has the world’s first AppStore for interactive games and experiences aimed at digital signage displays. “We can all send content to a screen, but in this technologically exciting period of smartphones and IoT, we need to do more” says Frederik De Wachter, Product Marketer and Co-Founder of DOOHapps.

Watch a video about the solution: