Magic Fridge Pilot Project in the Baltics

Hansab in collaboration with the brewery in Latvia Aldaris and partner LG implements a pilot-project for fridge that combines modern digital technology and traditional fridge function. At the moment this is the only that kind of solution in Baltic States.

The fridge is a unique product developed by our partner LG, its main advantage lies in high definition transparent screen. Thanks to the IPS (M +) technology and an integrated sensor screen becomes clear as soon as the sensor record the human presence and provides about 50% transparent screen, ensuring transparency in the fridge contents. As soon as the customer moves away from the fridge, the screen content is again becoming a vivid and compelling. In addition to the screen, also audio player is mounted into it providing unprecedented promotional opportunities for manufacturers and distributors.

In addition to the great advertising opportunities, screen content can be managed remotely from a central office.

We already have an installation in one of RIMI hypermarkets in Riga, Latvia. We have created a video to show the solution even better and you can see it here: