Measuring retail store traffic at Rahva Raamat bookstores

Rahva Raamat is one of the leading chains of bookstores in Estonia. To get a better overview of the number of visitors and to analyze customer behavior in the store, Rahva Raamat bookstores started to use a new camera-based customer counting solution. 

Cross Point 3D cameras offer an efficient and easy-to-use way to better understand customer behavior in the store. The system allows to evaluate the success of advertising campaigns and plan workforce. In tune with the new normal, the cameras provide information on when and how many customers are at the store. Even in times without strict health regulations this information is a useful input for business decisions.  

Depending on the installation height and the type of camera, the camera covers an area of up to 64m² and can measure up to 10 passages or up to 8 predefined areas. The system also measures the time spent by visitors. At the entrances, incoming and outgoing visitors can be measured separately.  

The cameras can be equipped with a Cross Point LIVE visitor counting CPU, which allows counting customers in real-time.   

This helps to ensure that the store always has the optimal number of customers based on the size of the retail space.