New SEB Innovation Center in Vilnius

In this spring SEB Bank opened a new and modern Innovation Center in Vilnius. It is a center where enthusiasts of finance and other innovative technologies meet up and cooperate, consult and motivate smaller businesses that need support to get faster growth. Space has more than 300 square meters, it means it is large enough and well-equipped that it enables people to work, have meetings and events there.
In SEB Innovation Center we installed the latest technology systems. The center's main conference room has an impressive size, a 9-screen Samsung 55-inch diagonal video wall and a modern video camera that can track a speaker during a live stream. This video camera automatically adapts to the speaker's motion scene and creates high-quality video content for distracting viewers. Therefore, even those who attend events via internet feel as they were participating in the event themselves.
SEB Innovation Center is equipped with professional video screens integrated with Barco Clickshare. The lobby offers a Navori content management system interactive display that easily inform the visitors about different content, f e what events are going to take place, etc. All the latest equipment can be managed via single tablet.
This Innovation Center is a gift from SEB Bank to the city, also to the people who wish to develop and implement innovative solutions in their business. 

We are happy that we could work together with SEB Bank and give our input to this Center that offers now a modern and user-friendly workplace with all the tools and equipment needed to grow new businesses.