PetCity lifestyle centre opened a new store in Vilnius

PetCity is a genuine paradise for pets and their owners. It offers not only a wide range of animal products, pet care services but also has a veterinary clinic and a hotel, all under the same roof.

PetCity animal care center opened two new stores recently, in addition to the existing store. In Lithuania, there is now 3 PetCity centers, and we’ve had a chance to make installations in all of them. The solutions that we installed: electronic article surveillance system, Crosspoint gates, professional sound systems, digital signage systems and video surveillance systems. All systems are made to ensure not only a safety of the visitors and products but also the safety of the animals who are visiting the hotel. The video surveillance system is located throughout the PetCity center, from the salesroom to the clinic or the pet-hotel rooms where their owners can observe their pets in real-time.

The center has a background sound system so it is possible to play high-quality music, which creates a pleasant environment for both visitors and pets.

The screen installed in the leisure zone is used not only for advertising but also for learning purposes. Internal trainings for employees, mini-workshops for pet owners are being held there. It is possible to show the customers on-screen relevant information regarding pet care, nutrition, and share expert advice.

"The safety of our own products and animals is important for us, so the video surveillance system provides traceability and a sense of security. Particularly important is that pets would feel good in our center, so not only the environment but also the sounds must be nice, pleasant and not stressful – said Vilius Dovydauskas, the Marketing Manager at PetCity.


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