Hansab's sales managers help you find the best solutions for your project and design the first drawings for you. When in doubt, we provide the possibility to have live demos and reference visits so you can see how the solution actually works.


Hansab sales managers consult with the customers and find out their needs. They propose the best suited products for the upcoming solution or a project.

Design documentation, engineering

Conceptual stage where the proposed products become part of the building/area layout. For example Autocad drawings showing how electronic security will work together with the access control system. This helps to understand the cost, concept and scope of the project.

Proof on concept

Each customer has her/his doubts. Is this the best solution for our project? Will the end customers like it and start using? Does it speed up their work process? All of these questions are answered when Hansab provides an opportunity to have live demos for the customers ( lasting up to 3 months). During that time, the KPI's are set. In the end we analyse how the KPI's were fulfilled.

Reference visits

In order to see how a proposed solution works in real life, we propose reference visits. The reference visits are twofold: we can show Hansab installations in the Baltics or, if it hasn't been done before in the Baltics, we propose site visits to our supplier factories and already installed solutions.

Consultation Design documentation, engineering Reference visits Proof of concept