Pronote 200

The ProNote 200 is a banknote counter which counts mixed banknotes at a speed of up to 1,500 banknotes per minute, with full counterfeit detection as certified by the European Central Bank. The user-friendly interface of ProNote 200 enables a very easy and convenient operation.


Value counting: EUR and GBP other currencies on request
Full detection of all safety features is only possible for the euro> as other currencies, forinstance, do not havea m agnetic code

Count modes

Mix Mode: detecting and value counting of mixed banknotes
Single Mode: detecting, piece and value counting of a single denomination(all the notes must have the same length and height as the first note counted)
Piece Mode: piece counting

Capacity and Speed

Capacity hopper: 300 notes
Capacity stacker: 200 notes
Add function: yes
Batching: variable 1:999 / preset
Counting speed: 800/1,200/1,500 notes per minute

Safety Features detection



ECB-certified: European Central Bank certified counterfeit detection

General data

Display type: LCD with 9-digits piece and value display
Density setting: 8 levels
Document size: 110 x 50 - 175x85 (mm)
Alarm type: visual and acoustic
Alarm system: double, chain, half, skew note

Technical data

Dimensions: 287 x 243 x 248 mm (L x B x H)
Weight: 6,5 KG
Power consumption: 60 W
Power supply: AC 110-240V / 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature: 0° C - 40° C
Humidity: 40% - 90%


PC-connection via RS232
external thermal printer via RS232
external display via RS232
Cash Management Software via RS232


Other currencies on request
external thermal printer (cable and RS232 gender changer included)
external display (cable included)
Cash Management Software (cable included)
Power cable> RS-232 cable, fuse> cleaning brush and cloth as well as user manual included.

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