Protect your employees with a contactless access system

Every company must ensure the right security system to protect its assets and employees. Biometric-based systems can provide employees with safe, fast and convenient access to the work area. Biometric authentication can prevent unauthorized access and reduce fraud. The biometric-based solution improves security, user comfort and ensures long-term profits.

Four important benefits of a contactless access system:

Long-term profits

Our customers have repeatedly given feedback that biometric access systems have increased the profitability of their business while improving security and save time and money. Users of biometric-based access systems say it feels good not to worry about whether the keys or access card were taken with them. The cost of consumables is reduced and the security risk of losing cards or keys is eliminated. The contactless face recognition system makes the work environment safe and comfortable and the employer more attractive.

Fast, easy and convenient to use

Biometric identification is a smooth and fast process. It takes less than a minute to register a new user and less than a second for the employee to use the reader. The use of the Suprema face recognition terminal is contactless and hygienic. It is important to assign the appropriate rights group to each user, the system will do everything else automatically. 

Low maintenance

After installation, the biometric face recognition terminal requires little attention. Our technical team provides ongoing support, so if a problem arises, we'll resolve it quickly. 90% of the incidents can be easily solved remotely.


A great feature of biometric systems is that they can be adapted to suit any business. One face recognition terminal can be used for both door-opening and time and attendance system, and the system can be easily expanded with hundreds of devices in one central software across the country.  
Biometric-based devices make it possible to control various door automation as well as turnstiles so that the door opens automatically for the user. In addition, also documents can be printed or keys can be obtained using face recognition, there are various possibilities for use!


Protect your work environment and your employees with Suprema's contactless face recognition system! Ask your Hansab's sales manager for more information about the solution.