Qmatic Elected Hansab for the "Best Customer Experience Positioning Program 2015-2016" Award

Hansab team is participating at the Qmatic’s annual event Great Experience 2016 in Spain.

Last evening, Hansab Group received an honorable award “Best Customer Experience Positioning Program 2015-2016”.

The vice president and CMO of Qmatic Sven-Olof Husmark commented that Hansab as a company has proven to be right where Qmatic is as a company with the same thinking and the same proposition. “We have seen that you as a company have done a tremendous work in moving your company in a different position. You add more software and services to your business, you also have taken customer experience proposition and this is actually what you work with. What really inspired me was the Qmatic retail event you organized in Estonia where we participated. It was unique in the Qmatic community and we want to award that because it is brilliant."

In the picture on the left: Khachatur Muradyan, Business Development Manager in Qmatic Group
In the picture on the right: Aigar Urva, the founder and CEO of Hansab Group
Photo credit: Ruta Urva