Qmatic releases new product: Instant Mobile Queue Management Package

Qmatic, the global leader in Customer Journey Management released today its latest product offering - Instant Mobile Queue Management Package. The new package is developed to help and support healthcare organizations, the public sector, retailers and financial institutions to instantly adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak and continue to provide essential services to customers responsibly with safety, health and mobility in focus.

The Instant Mobile Queue Management Package from Qmatic is a cloud-based solution with all functionality pre-configured as a subscription. The product offering allows businesses and organizations to continue its operations by replacing the physical interactions and touchpoints with virtual queuing solutions. This makes it possible to protect customers and staff by practicing social distancing to reduce the risk of virus spread while maintaining critical functions to accommodate societal needs.

The mobile ticket is a browser-based solution, hence available to everyone with a smartphone. Taking a mobile ticket is as easy as scanning a QR code. By posting the QR code on your front door you make it possible for visitors to take their ticket without even entering your premises. A visitor may then wait in, for example, his or her car, comfortably monitoring queue progress. That way, a visitor can wait until just before their number is up before entering the waiting area.

The system can also be used in such a way that the customer is met in the service hall by a service provider who asks the customer for a telephone number, and after entering it to the system, the customer receives a mobile queue ticket on their phone via SMS. 

Instant Mobile Queue Management Package does not require any installation on-site and is implemented instantly. This allows users in different sectors to adapt seamlessly to new queue situations fast by providing low-touch virtual queuing solutions.