Recycling Company Moya Ownership Change

On the 10th of January 2020 in Tallinn Hansab Group signed an agreement to sell Moya OÜ, recycling technology and solutions provider. RVM Systems, a Swedish recycling machinery producer, has acquired 100% of the company shares. The primary reason for the decision for Hansab is to focus on principal business areas and for Moya to appropriate resources to expand its operations. The ownership change is effective from the 13 January 2020. Moya will continue to be managed by its current managing director, Tarmo Koreinik.

 Moya OÜ was established in 2006 and was a Hansab Group subsidiary for the last 14 years. It’s primary business area provision of recycling technology in Estonia. Recycling and circular economy are rapidly evolving and growing areas, requiring additional, dedicated support. Consequently, after lengthy deliberations, Hansab decided to devote resources for the primary business and sell Moya to a strategic investor RVM Systems AB.

 Tarmo Koreinik, Managing Director of Moya, said, “Moya will continue operations as before. With RVM Systems, we attain more synergy. The new owner companies work in the same field, creating more strength and scalability. The key connection point for Moya is RVM Systems recycling machinery solutions. By acquiring Moya, the holding business not only gained the company but also a solid knowledge base in the RVM Systems group, together with a skilled and motivated team”.

For press inquiries, please contact Sigita Babarskaite, Hansab Group CMO. Email:

About RVM Systems 

RVM Systems is a 20-year-old Swedish company which develops, produces, manufactures, installs and maintains RVM solutions. Former Hansab Group subsidiary has cooperated with RVM Systems since 2017 when introducing new reverse vending machines at the empties collection points. RVM Systems acquired 100% of Moya shares.  For press related information, please get in touch with Tarmo Koreinik,