Results of the customer satisfaction survey 2023

In September, we conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey, where customers evaluate our products, services, and solutions. We had 304 respondents. It is very gratifying to see so many customers from Estonia (123), Latvia (106), and Lithuania (75) sharing their insights into how we work. 

The overall Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for 2023 was recorded at 4.3, showcasing a marginal decrease from the previous year's score of 4.4. However, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) demonstrated a positive trend, reaching 59 compared to the previous year's 57. When benchmarked against industry leaders like Google, the NPS score remained similar, reflecting a competitive standing.

The survey highlighted the brand's strength, with the highest ranking of 4.5. This underscores the positive perception and loyalty customers have towards the brand.

The survey indicates a positive overall customer satisfaction trend, with the brand maintaining a strong reputation. The insights gathered will be instrumental in shaping future strategies, ensuring the continuous delivery of solutions that align with customer preferences.