Revolving doors at Ericsson Estonia factory

Ericsson Estonia factory in Tallinn is using high-tech equipment to produce communications network base stations, that make cutting-edge data transmission possible in the world. There are more than 2000 people working in Tallinn factory.

In the spring of 2019, Hansab installed 3 motorised Gunnebo Gyrosec revolving doors to Ericsson’s factory premises. Gyrosec revolving doors are working two way and are made from full-length glass. The doors are integrated into Ericsson's own access system, there are card readers on both sides of the door. The door starts to revolve automatically after the access card is shown to the card reader.

One of the doors is equipped with Anti Piggy Back system, which allows passing the door only one by one.

Gunnebo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of physical security equipment and one of Hansab's long-term partners. In addition to revolving doors, Gunnebo also produces turnstiles, speed gates, safes, locks and cash handling equipment.

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