Riga COMM 2019

For the second year in a row, Hansab Latvia team is participating in the Riga COMM 2019 technology fair to inform partners, current and potential customers of the solutions provided by Hansab.

This year, during the exhibition, we demonstrated the following solutions:

  • Entringo - parking solution;
  • Vivid Tech - probably the smallest touch screen in the world;
  • Cash Self Service Cash Register Glory CI-5;
  • Humanoid robot Pepper;
  • Identity document verification solution 365ID;
  • Non-standard LG screen.

Along with the technology, there was a Pop-up ice cream self-service kiosk, which this time perfectly matched with the technology. In cooperation with our partner Glory, on October 11, the Executive scene spoke Zennan Green - Global Marketing Manager, International Business with the theme of "Trust as a Commodity". Zennan shared the theory and practice of people's shopping behavior.

Common wisdom tells us that we buy from people we trust. Evidence, however, suggests that this is one more bit of common wisdom that is much more nuanced in practice by both the consumer and the seller, and that trust may not be a primary driver for consumer decisions. Trust as a Commodity explores how we behave, and how different FI and Retailer strategies to leverage Trust in different degrees to achieve their business outcomes.