Samsung Flip - a Functional Tool at Meetings

Samsung has introduced a new product, an electronic whiteboard, which has been transformed into a flipchart display. Together with the ability to replace a regular screen, Flip fits well in a modern office and can become a favorite tool among many users.

We are used to seeing a projector, a TV screen, a paper or a whiteboard at meeting rooms. Usually, the meeting is documented, either in writing, taken pictures of the notes or even taking the sheet of paper from the paperboard. As the triumph of digitization is in full swing, Samsung has introduced a device called Flip, which combines a screen and a digital tablet. It makes sharing the meeting materials and notes easier. 

What Flip is and what are its functionalities:

- it can be used for making and saving notes directly on an electronic whiteboard. A board can be written with a special pen and can take notes up to four people at a time. You can simply change the color of the text, also the deletion has made really easy – it can be done with your finger or your palm.

- You can use it instead of a projector or TV, as there is an opportunity to display a picture from your computer, memory stick, or phone. Additionally, to opening images and other files from your computer or other devices, the phone's screen can be "mirrored" on the whiteboard, that is, everything that is visible on the phone is also visible on the whiteboard. You can take notes on the board to open the image and save it instantly. And is possible to send the files to e-mail address, or print them out.

The Samsung Flip tablet screen is 55 inches and can be rotated both horizontally and vertically. Also, the UHD quality of Samsung gives you an extremely clear picture. The board has a wheel stand, so it is easy to move it from one space to another.

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