Santariškės medical city parking project

The lack of parking spaces in Santariškės Medical City is a well-known problem. It is estimated that per day up to 400 drivers leave their cars in unauthorized places, regardless of traffic rules.  This behavior complicates the driving conditions for official medical transport and creates traffic jams and emergency situations. Therefore, it was decided to renew and install more parking spaces.

UAB Hansab found a technical solution on how to solve car parking problem and how to redirect drivers to vacant sites.
At the entrance of Santariškės and Geležinis Vilkas streets are equipped with LED screens, which show the number of free spaces in parking lots. This solution will direct visitors to exact sites, thus avoiding hustle on already full parking lots. 
Ground and multistory parking lots are equipped with AMANO car parking system with high-speed road barriers, number scanning, and colorful information screens.
Visitor can pay by cash, payment or contactless cards at the cash desk. 
We also provide 24/7 video surveillance throughout the territory.
Parking spaces for disabled people can be found on each site. These spaces are free of charge at the sites with a barrier. Cash desks are also adapted to the need of the disabled.

Santariškės Medical city parking lot development project started in 2018. Since then 6 ground and 1 multistory parking lots were built. In the nearest future, it is planned to install 2 multistory and 2 parking lots for employees.
Santariškės Medical city parking lot project is the first large-scale project in the Baltic States.