SC 22

The SC 22 coin sorter is a compact and light performer. It features SCAN COIN’s unique sensor technology and offers outstanding accuracy combined with reliable functions in one, small package. A skilled best-seller The SC 22 coin sorter is popular worldwide for its superior technology in combination with its small size and easy operation. The unit features automatic rejection of foreign and damaged coins, as well as programmable batch stops. It sorts up to 8 coins and counts up to 32 coins in three different counting modes.
WIDTH 525 mm/20.7" 
DEPTH 250 mm/9.8" 
HEIGHT 400 mm/15.7" 
WEIGHT 16 kg/35.2 lbs 
VOLTAGE 110-130, 200-240 V, 60/50 Hz POWER 25 W 
SPEED up to 700 coins/min. 
DIAMETER RANGE 14-34 mm/0.55-1.34"
THICKNESS RANGE 1.0-3.2 mm/0.04-0.125"
USER INTERFACE LCD display Serial Interface RS 232 Battery back-up memory
Programmable batch stops

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