A short overview of our newest company: Hansab IT Solutions

According to Aigar Urva: “Our strategic goal is to create more added-value services. In particular, focusing on software development and IT services.” Our newest company Hansab IT Solutions has been operating 8 months by now. While the financial information about the company has been published every quarter together with other companies financial data, then little has been shared about the real doings of this company.

According to Kristjan Haavik (CEO of Hansab IT Solutions), the company is doing better month by month, quarter by quarter. We have been increasing the sales revenues and the team size organically and have reached to 12 employees by the end of August 2019. There are 3 project managers, 8 software engineers and 1 manager currently working for the company. We also have one vacancy at the moment for Java software developer position.

This year, the majority of the software projects we have worked on are related to Hansab Group. For instance, we are developing Apear (Hansab’s room-booking solution), which has reached to a software version 1.3.1 by now. There will be new features and releases for Apear coming out soon. We have also been working on Entringo Paystation software (part of Hansab’s parking solution). Throughout the summer we have spent a lot of efforts in testing and improving the performance of the kiosk software. There is a limited list of known additional functionalities that are still to be developed and we are planning to finish those very soon. In addition to the aforementioned projects, we have helped to improve Ellore’s PosPortal, Moya’s MoMo platform and Hansab’s Logsy system.

Apart from Group projects, we have also helped multiple Hansab’s customers with software. For instance, we have developed software for Rimi Latvia. That specific project has reached to the state where we have handed over the software to the customer, who is reviewing and testing it at their end. There have been some episodic struggles but overall the feedback we have received from the customer is positive. We are also helping Telia Estonia, Elisa Estonia, Tallink, Selver (part of Kaubamaja Group) and NETS Estonia with various software projects and mobile applications.

The newest project Hansab IT’s team is currently working is related to Hansab Estonia’s decision to enter the Cash In Transit (CIT) business. Hansab IT is helping to build software applications that would be supporting the processes around processing and transit of cash in Estonia.