Smart Terminal

Cost-efficient Smart Terminal Solution for small merchants.

How Smart Terminal works?

  • The merchant inserts the sum through Swedbank’s app in their smart device.
  • The client will insert their card in the smart terminal and insert PIN-code. Payment is done.
  • The merchant can send the checks to the client via e-mail/SMS.

Main advantages:

  • Mobility – you can use your Smart Terminal everywhere
  • One time investment – no permanent costs (no service fees, rent, connection fees)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Small device is more convenient to use on the go

Techncial data:

  • Supports payments with EMV smart cards, magnetic cards and contactless payments.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Monochrome display (128x64)
  • Li-ion battery - 550mAh, 50 transactions over 3 days minimum before charging
  • Lifetime – 30 000 transactions minimum on Smart Card Reader & Magnetic Card Reader
  • Battery lifetime – 3 years/500 cycles for battery 

Merchant needs to sign card payment acceptance agreement with Swedbank to make card payments with Smart Terminal. For iOS devices, iOS version 13 or newer required.


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