Suprema releases new devices: OMNIS and NOVUS

NOVUS - Time and Attendance/Workforce Management Multimedia Workstation

Suprema NOVUS is a versatile, powerful, and fully modular enterprise-class product, designed for use in any Time and Attendance or Workforce Management application. Using Android OS, NOVUS provides a defined and supported environment that allows partners and integrators the ability to deploy new or existing Android applications – complementing, supporting, and extending their current mobile platform functionality.

More information about Suprema NOVUS here.


OMNIS - Time and Attendance/Workforce Management Multimedia Workstation

Omnis makes revolutionary multi-function time & attendance terminal to adapt to meet specific and changing customer requirements as business goals. With Suprema's latest biometric technology, Omnis provides class-leading performance through World's best matching performance, uncompromised security, and accuracy. Designed to help you get the most out of workforce management.

More information about Suprema OMNIS here.