TDU Thermal Detection Unit CEIA

Anti-Covid advanced embedded sensor for CEIA Security Walk-Through Detector Gates

  • Designed for fast and cost effective screening operations: simultaneous threat and fever detection; no separate screeners for person temperature control needed; on-the-fly temperature measurement, no need to stop
  • Embedded upgrade: no additional installation checkpoint space required
  • Automatic detection of high body surface temperature through infrared thermal camera that maps the internal gate area
  • Real-time, highly selective, maximum facial-temperature measurement function
  • Temperature compliance or alarm signalling provided by the gate control unit display
  • Exclusive integrated thermal calibration system with dual temperature-stabilized reference
  • Selective measurement on one person only in transit
  • Easy to install and to operate
  • Stainless steel and technical polymers construction
  • Column and panel TDU upgrade versions available
  • Patent pending


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