TrueView Bicycle

TrueView Bicycle® is a product for counting pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The software installs directly into standard IP cameras. TrueView Bicycle® offers a unique, cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install solution. 


  • Automatically separates between bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Two way counting: Counts bicycle and pedestrians moving in two directions simultaneously.
  • Accurate counting even under high density traffic conditions.
  • Fully embedded software for standard network camera.
  • Built in graphs in the camera web interface.
  • Maintain system remotely over IP, set and monitor parameters, download or stream video.
  • Push counting data automatically from camera to TrueView Web Report®.
  • Unlimited number of cameras to a site or portfolio of sites when combined with TrueView Web Report®.
  • Leading digital image processing minimizes shadow and reflection problems.
  • Open protocol lets you integrate with data from other systems.

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