What our customers think about us

We value our customers' voices and once a year, we collect their feedback. This year, 371 customers shared their opinion and experiences of working with us. The customer satisfaction index reached an all-time high of 4.4 (last year 4.2) on a five-point Likert scale. We want to thank everyone who took their time to respond to the survey and for their insightful comments.

What did our customers think?

In all three countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) our customers proved to be experts in their field of work. As part of Hansab strategy, we have always worked closely with our customers to build new, value-added solutions. Our customers value our professionalism, ability to complete projects from the start to finish, regardless of the complexity. And we are happy to hear that they expect us to educate them and share trends on the market about solutions and services we provide. We are glad that our customers are requesting exciting solutions such as rental of everything we provide and unique solutions.

Growing Demand for Digital Solutions

We have noticed an ever-growing demand for digital solutions, from apps for security and biometrics to IT support to integrated solutions for access control.

Consistent Communication 

Communication appeared as a watchword in many of the comments. Our customers want to have consistent communication with our teams, regardless of the touchpoint in the project, from consultation and research to after-sales care.

What's next?

Our local teams have begun a detailed analysis of the results, finding areas to focus on. As we asked our customers for additional solutions and services we could provide, our customers were generous enough to share their ideas.