Access gates and passage solutions

Access gates and physical entrance systems regulate the flow of people or vehicles coming in and out of an area and ensure that the passage controlled, secure and smooth. All physical systems can be integrated with electronical security solutions, such as biometric and card based access systems, time and attendance systems, building automation systems etc.

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  • Turnstiles and speed gates
    Turnstiles and speed gates

    Tripod or glass turnstiles and speed gates are designed to control the passage of people. They offer a complete solution that can be integrated with various card, token, fingerprint detection and face recognition systems. Turnstiles also provide a good overview of the movement and working hours of your employees.

  • Full height turnstiles
    Full height turnstiles

    Full height turnstiles are particularly suitable for high-security areas where it is important that only one person passes through the gate at a time. Passage in one or both directions is electronically controlled. It can be installed both outdoors and indoors and can be equipped with roof, side walls, barriers, lighting, intercom systems, etc.

  • Security booths
    Security booths

    Security booths are compact in design yet provide the highest level of security required on sites where only authorised persons are allowed. The doors are always locked shut in the rest position. An authorized signal opens the first door, allowing the user to step into the booth where a presence is detected. When the first door is closed, the second door opens.

  • Quick folding gates
    Quick folding gates

    Quick folding gate is the best solution for access areas with higher security requirements, speed and reliability. It keeps your entrances secured after every exit or entry. The gate is designed for intensive and continuous use at locations such as logistic centres, ports, military areas, police- and border guards territories.

  • Transfer trays and systems
    Transfer trays and systems

    Documents, goods or cash always have to be exchanged between the safe and unsafe side of a partition wall. To ensure that you remain safe during this transfer process, there are a variety of transfer systems for different use cases such as cash and receipt traffic, folders or suitcases and installation situations such as counters, facades or doors.

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Secure access at the Bank of Latvia

The Bank of Latvia is one of the most important institutions in the country.

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Access control at Swedbank

Physical security and access solutions have become an integral part of public places.

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Turnstile Solution for Banking

In order to protect Danske Bank’s services, Hansab installed Gunnebo turnstile solutions, which regulate and control the flow of people into and out of the building.

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Revolving doors at Ericsson production plant in Estonia

Ericsson Estonia production plant in Tallinn is using high-tech equipment to produce communicatio

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Surveillance and Access Systems in a Factory
Karl Storz is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of medical instruments with headquarters in Germany. Karl Storz Video Endoscopy in Estonia is one of the fastest developing and manufacturing
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Turnstiles for a Factory

Merks completed building a polymer factory Polikaps NT in Marupe (Latvia) and Hansab had a unique opportunity to participate in this project by installing

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Video Surveillance and Access Control to a Fertilizer Producer

Hansab has modernised the company’s video surveillance systems from analogue to digital.

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Full-height turnstile in GYM! self-service sports club

Gym Eesti OÜ is a subsidiary of My Fitness AS, which started operations in 2017.

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Turnstiles And Customer Flow Control for MyFitness Sports Clubs
Efficient customer flow monitoring, as well as labor cost reduction were the main purposes why Hansab equipped four MyFitness sports clubs with bi-directional turnstiles from Gunne
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